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August 14, 2017

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit with Diana DiLee Maher in person.  She is a fantastic Singer/Songwriter and we worked together on her song "Coming Home". This was a stretch for me as it was in a completely different genre, but SO fun!  

She came down from LA and visited me in my studio.  Fun times!  

Diana DiLee and Kori



Thursday July 12, 2017


I was contacted in the middle of June by Beth Hilton from the B Company, introducing me to Diana DìLee. Diana needed a piano track for a song she is working on.  Diana is in LA area and I am in Orange County - about and hour south.  I said YES of course, and connected with her.  Diana is an outstanding vocalist. I really enjoyed listening to her music, and liked working with her.  She is down to earth, and I was happy for the opportunity to create a piano track for her music.  This is what she had to say about working with me! 

"Kori has master piano hands. Until recently I used to think the only difference between piano players or the same musicians was their style, the amount of practice, how fast they could play, how accurate and how much they could play from memory. But this past year the few pianists I have grown to know there is a definite energy that emanates from each player. Kori's soul comes through her piano playing with peace, innocence, joy and something I can't quite put my finger on-- esoteric... spiritual in nature." - Diana "Dīlee" Maher  

Visit Diana here:  Diana "Dīlee" Maher




Friday July 7, 2017


My single "A Day Like No Other featuring Lawrence Blatt" is on the new Sounds of the Circle 9 Compilation album. According to the press release "the participating artists and groups on this year's sampler reads like a "who's who" of New Age Music: Al Conti – Merrill Collins – Anaya Music – Peter Calandra – Terry Oldfield - Fiona Joy – Nancy Shoop-Wu – Eamonn Karran – Janice Lacy Project – Seay - Neil Tatar – Dyan Garris – Gary Schmidt – Ann Licater – Shambhu – Darlene Koldenhoven - Kimberly Haynes (feat. David Vito Gregoli) – Tajalli – Pamela Jamian - Jennifer DeFrayne – Cynthia Hart – Mark Pinkus – Lawrence Blatt – Alan Storeygard – Paul Adams - Michael Hoppé & Mitsuki Dazai - Kori Linae Carothers – Mystic Jorney – Byron Metcalf - Natascha Wilczek – Suzanne Doucet & Christian Buehner – Paradiso – Louis Colaiannia – John Luttrell – Catherine Marie Charlton - Lia Scallon – Michael Diamond – Joanne Lazzaro – Hennie Bekker – Liquid Mind."

Sounds From the Circle 9


Monday July 3, 2017

Wow!  Where did June go?  Life is very busy for me personally and musically.  I wrote an arrangement for a church hymn that I was asked to perform at a music devotional on Sunday July 2nd.  Wow what a awesome and challenging experience.  I was a bit nervous to perform it, but was able to do it and I feel really good about it! 

A new video is up on YouTube! So exciting!  I love the ocean and I had so much stock footage that I shot over the years, which really was a great blend with a new single that I will be releasing in August. It is another alternate mix from my album FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. The song is "Tidal Rift" and features guest artist Jill Haley on English Horn.  She was a featured Artist in Residence at Mesa Verde National Park as well as several others National Parks in the US.  She is super talented and I loved what she brought to the song! 

Speaking of new singles, here is the next single from my album FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM - The Kindly Beast.  I wrote this as a memoriam for my dog Marvin.  He passed on two years ago from cancer, but this song paints a picture of what a character he was.  Special guest artists are:  Cellist Eugene Friesen, Tom Eaton on Bass and Jeff Haynes on percussion. Each of these artists are extremely talented.   Again, the music is produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton.  You can listen and buy your copy today!




Thursday June 1, 2017

Hi Everyone, Kori here! Happy June! Can you believe it?  Thanks for visiting me today.  Whats new?  Instrumented Singles from my album FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. You can buy them here first!  Eventually, they will show up on iTunes and CD Baby.  But, for now keep an eye out for them.  You will be the first to know! Right now NuNu's Sunrise is the first one.  - Love, Kor 


Friday May 12, 2017

Hi Everyone!  Guess what?!! You can finally purchase my music from me, here!  Well, yes you can still purchase from Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes and - however, when you purchase from me - you help keep costs down AND your direct purchase helps ME to continue to record and release new music!  


You can also purchase The Gathering III here as well! Whatcha waiting for? Click on the Buy My Music link, and Thank you SO much! 

PS - Coming soon - T-shirts, and wrist bands AND one of a kind hand made jewelry. Keep an eye out!