An April Snow Story...


A year ago, I flew to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.  I love flying there because driving to Vermont is about an hour and a half away.  Its an easier drive  than coming from Boston.  ( I do love Boston tho..).  Why was I in New England?  Most of you know, I was working on Fire in the Rainstorm. Vermont

Backstory: I have not been in snow since 1979.. well a state that has more snow than 2 inches per year.  I've driven in it in 2009, while working on Trillium. However, this does not make me a perfect snow driver!

Story Time:  I noticed the weather was looking kind of ugly for the evening of my drive, however I hoped that it was a fluke because.. after all it was April right? It doesn't snow much in April does it? WRONG... As I began to go north on 91 to get to Vermont, the snow started very innocently. In fact I was highly entertained by it. Then as the sun started to go down, I became worried.. because the snow started coming down faster and it was getting colder. ( Cold for me is awful.. since I've not experienced the true cold of snow in a very long time).  I forgot just how crazy it could get with snow and wind.  Not only was the snow coming down hard, it was windy too.   My hands started to ache because I was gripping the steering wheel very hard. I was almost out of Massachusetts and still the storm was getting worse.  I was scared because the visibility was going down. I kept thinking.. ok I will stop at the next town and spend the night.  That is how bad it was.  However, there was something telling me I could make it. ( I was driving to Newfane, VT where I was staying).  "Keep going, you'll make it".. I kept hearing that in my head. My hubs called me to see if I was alright. Lucky for me, I had my hands free headset with me.  It was nice to hear his voice encouraging me.  I knew the connection was sketchy because I was coming up on the border of Mass, and Vermont, and the phone went dead.  I was tearing up, and I felt panic welling up. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw people following me; trucks, cars.. it was amazing.  I knew I could make it.

I turned off on the right road into Brattleboro.. and guess what?  There was construction going on this bridge on 30.  I had to find my way around it via Dummerston.  I wasn't sure I was going find my way.. and sure enough my GPS had enough connection to help me turn aside and bypass the construction. The surroundings were familiar, and I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I returned to 30 and found my way to Newfane.. and I was SO happy to see Newfane house waiting for me with her lights on.

Newfane House, VT

Country Road 30.. getting close to Newfane, VT. Obviously not during the snow storm!

This was the first step for recording Fire in the Rainstorm.. and it was kind of frightening! Keep your eyes peeled as the Pre-order for Fire in the Rainstorm is coming.. I promise!

More to come...

How I met My...


I had a few comments about how listening to solo piano is very soothing, and I totally agree and this brings me to my mission statement:

To compose uplifting pianoscapes for the spirit.

This ties into the day we met. Backstory: I left my family and what I knew in Texas for a not really stable job in San Diego, CA. I did not tell my parents this ( this was in 1991 when I left everything I knew.) I drove with a friend of mine, and when we finally got out of the state of Texas, we stopped at Las Cruces, NM. As we rested, I had the worst panic attack of my life. What the HELL was I doing? Why was I leaving everyone and everything I knew?! I was INCHES away to turning around to go back to my home in Dallas. Most of you know that I am religious, and so I said a prayer. I prayed that I would have the courage to continue my journey to California, a place I never thought I'd end up. As the sun continued its journey across the sky, I felt at peace and knew that everything would turn out fine and we started my car and continued on my path to San Diego.

I went to church at the LDS Pacific Beach Singles meeting on the Sunday after I arrived in San Diego. I was early for the meeting, and no one else was in the chapel so I walked in and noticed a lovely grand piano waiting for me to play it. So I played for an hour, until our meeting began. I had not noticed the people that had come in quietly and sat down to listen. Among them was my future husband.

Kori at the beach!

I would go practice there as much as I could, and when I did he was there sitting listening. He has since then told me that he loves my solo piano compositions the best and he loved listening to me play in the chapel. That is how he got to know me on my musical level. The rest is history... :)

Fire in the Rainstorm is the return to my solo piano compositions. It is a bold step for me.

Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

I have always have hidden the solo piano aspect of my piano work or felt comfortable with other musicians playing along with me. This album has compelled me to release it as a solo piano album. I feel VERY confident about the work Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton and I did at Imaginary Road Studios last year. It was a powerful few days filled with a lot of emotion for me. I am SO grateful for the generosity of so many that helped make it possible. So much going on, and May 15th is coming fast!

So many stories to share with you.

Peace in Music...