music is NOT a hobby....

Happy 2018!!!  I am in the process of planning out my year -  how to make sure everything I am doing is planned, so that I don't go this year and blunder about wondering why I am not doing anything!  I have goals, not resolutions GOALS! I am a creative type, and this kind of stuff makes me crazy BUT it is important to do this. Businesses DO this kind of thing.  They plan their year out and my music IS my business.  

In December,  I unveiled an arrangement at a private performance, and a friend of mine made a statement: "Oh such a nice hobby you have!"


I did a double take... Hobby? I looked at her and said.. "Hobby? This is NOT a hobby, this IS what I have been called to do and what I like to do, this is my job, and I treat it as a business."  She looked at me and was like OH!  

"Music is a lifestile, not a hobby!"  Kori Linae Carothers
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Those of you that come to my website to learn about me, this is NOT a hobby for me.  I am working to pay bills, to help provide for our family.  This is my job, which I LOVE to do.  I have many bills to pay, like storage for my CDs and audio/staging equipment, paying off a credit card, we have a house payment, purchasing clothes, food. Paying for my education to keep up on the latest technology and business marketing. To vote for the Grammys, I have to be a member of NARAS which requires membership dues. I pay for all of the music equipment I need, I pay for all of the promotional I do during a CD release. I pay for my website service.  Photos, videos, I need to pay someone to help me with that.  Business cards, posters everything and anything graphic arts related.  Videos are not cheap, but there are ways I can create videos easier than 10 years ago! Everything I do, I pay for.

How do I pay for it?

It alls starts with me and YOU.  Your purchases help me to do all of the above plus more. Crowd funding helps me to do even more.  In order to be able to release an album - I need to reverse engineer the costs to show how many I need to sell, digitally/physically to pay for everything. When you and are team up - I can do SO much more, which helps me stay creating. 

Trillium for example was $80,000 USD!  That included the artwork, photo shoot, manufacturing, recording, studio rental, travel expenses which includes food, transportation.  Makeup and hair artists, graphics design team, guest musicians, promotion for worldwide radio airplay, internet radio,  Copyright expenses, sheet music ( and I still have not finished that).  Touring to perform costs money as well.


Trillium released in 2009 

Trillium released in 2009 

I have had a few people tell me to get a job outside of my home so I am not "begging" for money from crowdfunding.  Wait, what? I have my office at home. I do everything here, plus I am a Mom of 4 kids, 3 of which are still at home.  Many years ago I did get a job at a music store.  Since I was not around IN my office at home working on my music, a very scary thing happened to one of our kids.  To protect all involved I won't publicly publish what happened.  

That whole year I was gone, I did not work on my music business, which suffered without me working on it 6 days a week. I lost a year of composing, promotion, working to build my email list, working to build relationships with fans, other businesses, etc.  I decided to quit working at the music store, and came home to work on my music, which has been one of the BEST things that I've done as a Mom.  I set my own hours and I work sometimes 12 hours a day, sometimes I work 5 hours depending on what my kids needs are.  Sometimes I work in my pajamas or work out gear. 

My office 2018

My office 2018

Why am I telling you all this? 

I wanted to let you know, and to be transparent about what I DO with my time and why I do things they way I do.   What my life is like at home, here in my office. 

The Christmas album I am planning out will be around $80,000 to actually create plus the promotion with that will be around $100,000. This is not fluffy stuff.. this is important information for you to know, so that when I start talking about crowd funding, or asking for your support you are aware.  

I wanted to also thank you for ALL of your support over the 10 + years I've been recording and releasing music!  I could NOT do this without all of you! I just love the emails and texts and messages you send to me, there are days when sometimes I am depressed, and then in my inbox there is a letter, or a cute poem, or something to make me smile.  YOU keep me going and for THAT I thank you SO very much! 

Peace in Music,

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