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Artwork for NuNu's Sunrise

Artwork for NuNu's Sunrise

Exciting news!  I will be releasing several Instrumented tracks from Fire in the Rainstorm!  Right now you can download NuNu's Sunrise.  I know NuNu is an interesting name, right?  I used to stream music concerts via Second Life and I met some amazing people online.  One of them was named Nubian Bliss.  She LOVED and supported my music and I met her when I went back to New England to work.  Her nickname in Second Life was NuNu.  I wrote this song for her, and then she passed on May 2014.  I miss her, she was like a sister to me, and I know she left all the pain from having Lupus.  Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you download yours in my store today! 

NuNu's Sunrise

Pick your Perk...

When I wrote the music for FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM, I had many influences that helped create the beautiful songs you will hear on the album. Environmental, animals, close friends, pain, happiness, love and peace.  I asked for help to get me into Imaginary Road Studios to record the album, and WOW did you guys help!!!  WHAT an AMAZING thing that was.  This album means so much more to me than I can express in words. I come to you now to ask you for more help to continue this album on its journey. You are my collaborators, muses and patrons. The dream is to share this music worldwide.  To do that, I come to you again for your help.. whether you can contribute $1, $10 or $15, anything helps! You can pick your perk!  You can say to your friends and family - that you are part of something AMAZING, and its TRUE!

Thank you for all you do...

Kori at the beach!

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