I Am A Mom...

Our trip to the East Coast, 2017

Our trip to the East Coast, 2017

I have several "hats" that I wear.  I am a musician - I run my own music business.  I am a wife - to my Mr.  He is amazing, and just as feisty as I am.  I am a Mom to 4 children.  Yes, I know there are only three there.  My oldest daughter is married and living in Northern California.  The younger three are home still, 2 in high school and one college going daughter. 

I have a very busy schedule. Here is my typical daily schedule. (Monday's and Thursdays are set aside for recording or uploading video to YouTube and the LIVE with Kori show.  Saturdays are typically set aside for cleaning and household chores. Sundays are a rest day for me and the fam.  We go to Church and enjoy the rest of the day)  

6:30am - get up and workout/meditate/scripture study

7:00 - 7:30am - breakfast

7:30am - 8:00am - check email and scan Facebook

8:00am - shower, plan out the day if I need to 

9:00am - Online classes, answer email, answer any FB, post on Social Media, etc. 

9:30am - work on website, emails for the email group - get up and move around

10:00am - rehearse an hour or more depending on time

11:00am - Write in my blog for the month

12:00pm - Lunch 

1:00pm - Rehearse again

2:00pm - do things with my teens

3:00pm - run errands if there is a need

4:00pm -  finish any pending website things, check inventory of music and merch

5:00pm - make dinner

6:00pm - Catch up on my reading and go on a walk with Mr. 

7:00pm - More readin

8:30pm - bed time routine, and TRY to get to bed at a good time. 

I am not rigid in this schedule, I do follow it as best I can.  Day to day things can go sideways with teens in the mix.  Sometimes I have to take them to see doctor, or dentist or eye doctor.  It doesn't happen ALL the time, but there is always SOMETHING that does come up that can really put a monkey wrench in my schedule.  That is when I back off and take a deep breath and realize I can be flexible.  

Hope you are enjoying your Summer!  

PS - check out this awesome album by SkyRim composer Jeremy Soule, I was typing my blog this morning listening to it!  

The Northerner Diaries Symphonic Sketches by Jeremy Soule

Peace in Music ...