crazy times

Goodbye Summer



Kids are back in school. I have had a great summer with them.  It has been quiet for me because I'm working on restructuring how I do my music business.  It is taking a lot of work , time and sacrifice.  Now we are busy with the first week of school! I have a Senior in High School, and a Sophomore.  These years are going to go by so fast, because we are at a crossroads with our son who is a Senior.  

I don't know how I feel about that.  Ty is going to be 18 in December.  He will graduate in June of 2019.  Then if he chooses, he will go on a mission for our church for 2 years.  If you don't know already I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I've been a member all my life.  

Now school is back in session, and I am back working on my music full time!  I hope you had a beautiful Summer!  I am looking forward to Fall! 


Crazy times...

Here it is August.  Time is flying by us. It doesn't care that I care how fast it is passing us by. Taking us on its trip no matter where we go and where we end up.  

I will be traveling the next week with our daughter who will be 18 soon. Attending a wedding, visiting friends, and family .. and get this:  DRIVING! Normally I like to fly - but this is going to be a fun road trip with her.  I am sure we will have some silly times.  I will make sure my phone is all charged up and ready to roll. So be ready for all the photos, maybe video and crazy times I am sure we will have! 

Make sure you keep an eye or two out, we may drive by you and you could end up on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed.. wouldn't that be a riot?!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer! 


Photo by Sarah Char

Photo by Sarah Char