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NuNu's Sunrise - Inspiration Behind the Song

I had a fan ask me what the inspiration for NuNu’s Sunrise was. Wanna know? Here is the story.

My friend Cari and I met through really interesting circumstances.

I used to stream my concerts live through Nicecast via Second Life. I had several musician friends rope me into doing that an this is where I met her.

I kept my real first name and my last name was Travanti! LOL. So her name was Nubian Bliss.

I flew out to New Jersey in 2010 to meet her and stay with her, and she set up a few concerts up for me in Jersey. ( she used work with Gloria Estefan's promotional team).

April of 2017, she went to visit her uncle in Puerto Rico and contracted Dengue Fever.

Her immune system was already compromised with Lupus, and it took her out so fast.

She passed away on May 7, 2017. I wrote this song while she was in the hospital, and she knew her time was limited.

Such a beautiful soul, and so I played it for her before she passed away. I know she is not suffering anymore. Even though the world lost a light that day, I like to remember her love for sunrises and music.

I haven't written about this because I cry every single time.

Today - I am at peace.