Vocal Chords

Today is IT...

So how many of you have received injections?  But ok.. how many of you have had them straight into your vocal chords?  I will today.. probably will film it, and post it.  Why you ask? I have something called Spasmodic Dysphonia. Its an annoying neurological issue between my vocal chord nerves and my brain.  It causes my eyes to twitch, and my vocal chords to "twitch"  causing my voice to sound like I have a cold, etc...

What can you do about it?  Well two things.. 1)  Botox injections right into the vocal chords 2) Surgery.

There is no known "cure" out there.. but there are many people that have it, including my brother which is so strange we both have it! He had surgery.  Scott Adams - creator of Dilbert,  and  Diane Rehm - NPR  are two very well known people that have it.

I got dis baby! Wish me luck!