The STRANGEST things happen to me...

I went on a driving vacation with our almost 18 year old daughter.  She drove, I drove - it was fun. But before we went, however....

Ok.. let me back up.  The last week of July I went up to LA with Jon Whitledge - audio designer of the Magic Bus. His love for music and sound combined - created this wonderful audio vehicle.  The Sound in this thing is unlike ANYTHING I've heard in my life.   We were invited by Michael Wisnieux to WIZNU Labs after party show Startups in the Sky - Music Innovation Summit.  Where I met Scott Page, and watched him perform with some fantastic musicians!  

While I was getting myself ready for the evening - I burned my neck.. not once, but TWICE!   I am on this trip with my neck is so red from the hot curling iron.  I was NOT careful... WAIT there is more!  I knew I should not have put bandaids on my neck, but I did it anyway. I suffered the consequences of that decision.  My neck broke out into hives.  I had to take the bandaids off.  OH I am not done yet!! We were on our way to the Bay Area to attend a wedding in Oakland. While we were visiting in Monterey, some seagulls decided it was a great time to poo on our car. It was HARD NOT to notice the present they gave us! 

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In spite of the weird stuff that happened, we really had GREAT time, and by the time we came home my burn on my neck was healed up, and there is new skin there.  Definitely gotta laugh ! #justhavetolaugh !! 

More to come... 


The Magic Bus - designed by Jon Whitledge

The Magic Bus - designed by Jon Whitledge

Scott Page and his awesome band! 

Scott Page and his awesome band! 

Crazy times...

Here it is August.  Time is flying by us. It doesn't care that I care how fast it is passing us by. Taking us on its trip no matter where we go and where we end up.  

I will be traveling the next week with our daughter who will be 18 soon. Attending a wedding, visiting friends, and family .. and get this:  DRIVING! Normally I like to fly - but this is going to be a fun road trip with her.  I am sure we will have some silly times.  I will make sure my phone is all charged up and ready to roll. So be ready for all the photos, maybe video and crazy times I am sure we will have! 

Make sure you keep an eye or two out, we may drive by you and you could end up on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed.. wouldn't that be a riot?!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer! 


Photo by Sarah Char

Photo by Sarah Char