Peace in Music

New YouTube Video and July Newsletter!

Good Morning and Happy Monday!  Look at what we did over the last week!  Yes, a new video!  One of my favorite shots have to be the ocean, and I had lots of stock footage I took over the years.  For the music, it it an alternate mix from Fire in the Rainstorm - produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton.  Also the track features Jill Haley on English Horn.  She is an amazing artist that has been featured as a resident artist at Mesa Verde National Park, and other parks in the USA.  You can visit her here: 

Jill Haley

I also wanted to thank you all for signing up on my newsletter!  For those of you NOT signed up! Its a GREAT time to join me on my musical journey.  There is SO much coming that you do not want to miss the opportunities that are coming your way as a Peace in Music Journeyman!  Music is so important especially during these troubled times.  You can join here: 

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Wishing you all a Happy Fourth of July and a great Summer!

Peace in Music,