Major Tom

This is Ground Control to Major Tom

I am a child of the 80s rock scene - glam, pop, classic rock, some metal ( yeah I know weird, I write New Age music with a bit of an edge but yeah..).   I loved everything that came out of the music scene back then. I bought records from The Fixx, Tears for Fears, The Police, Michael Jackson, everything.. including David Bowie. One of the many albums of his that I loved the most was "Lets Dance" album he released in 1983. It has been remastered since then, and it sounds pretty good.  I wore out my cassette tape of it.  Modern Love, Let's Dance ( title track), China Girl...  I also loved Space Oddity , who didn't?   When Labyrinth came out, of course I saw it. There is something about that movie. He recorded 5 songs that showed up on the album for the movie. Did you know it was a box office failure, and yet years later there is a huge cult following. I still love the movie.

Space Oddity

While writing this I am listening to his music and there is a playlist on YouTube, that shows the diversity of his musical creativity.  "Fame".. reading the comments on YouTube is so great.. what everyone is saying. I'm laughing, crying and reminiscing.  My heart has always been open to his creativity, and it hurts that he is gone.  Yeah I know, I was not a close friend of his, and yet this loss has left me in an very emotional state of being.

What I am most shocked about, is that his birthday was on the 8th and he passed out of this mortal life 2 days later.  I think that most of us did not know he had cancer. I certainly had no idea.  I'm not in his inner circle so how would I know?

All I can say is.. I'm grateful that he lived the best way he knew how. I am grateful that he shared his musical soul with us.

Take care Major Tom...