GRAMMY Advocacy - GRAMMY In My District.

So today I had the opportunity to meet with 5 musicians all working to have the CopyRight Laws updated, and a few other laws updated to help all musicians struggling to make a living AND to continue to create music. We met Rep. Mimi Walters and had a GREAT meeting with her.  She knew the issues, and Christopher Tin as well as Mindi Abair had many good things to say about what we are working towards. Hopefully she will work on our behalf and get these laws updated for the times we are in.  Thank you for taking the time Rep. Walters for meeting with us!

Also, Christopher Tin is a hard working fellow, he spearheaded the meeting, and I know he had other meetings to attend today.

Thank you for your support!

Rep Mimi Walters and Kori Carothers

L - R - Kori Carothers, Mindi Abair, Christopher Tin, Rep. Mimi Walters, Nathan Wright, Tommy Morrison and Keith Wolzinger.