Whats up in 2016?

While 2015 was not my best year, I am grateful to be moving forward.  I am grateful for my friends and fans for the encouragement in my lowest points in 2015. I was all over the map emotionally.  I suppose that is just a part of the journey of life. I am grateful that I can FEEL, and Love is a part of my life..  I  choose to share my heart with my lover, and my best friend, my man - Don.  We've gone through many dark times, great times, sad times - and we managed to stay married. Interestingly enough, we are coming up on our 25th year of marriage in September 2016. Which is a miracle - I am one extremely lucky and blessed woman! I am thankful for YOU:  those of you that have financially contributed to FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. We've done some amazing things together.  Now the fun stuff is just beginning.  As most of you may or may not know, the album was listed in the ZMR ( terrestrial radio worldwide) Top 100 Recordings in 2015 coming at #10.  I could NOT have done this without all of you.  Many good things are coming.


Steinway in studio


Am I always happy-go-lucky? Not always.. its rare that I feel down. But for the last few months I have been feeling a bit low. Everything is getting hard, financially, promotionally, marketing wise.  I feel like I've been in molasses for the past few months. I've been frustrated, discouraged because I have felt like I've hit a wall.  Barely hanging on.. have you ever felt that way?   Read on....

When I set out in 2004 to accomplish my dreams - of composing, recording and releasing my music I knew it was going to be HARD work. Lately, I have realized that I did not jump into this with my eyes closed. All of this work is part of the growth process. Just now while writing, I see it as growing pains.  I can't quit because things are hard! I have to keep walking my path. There is a light I can see, that I need to stay the course and focused.  I have also realized that I need to change up the way I do things. I need to make sure I am happy with what I am doing.  The first thing I need to do is focus on performing locally. This means that I must concentrate on performing in the Southern Californian/Arizonan/ area.  I should have been doing that in the beginning.  I have done this backwards!

Corona Del Mar Photo by Jason Wallis Photography H

The next incredible step in this journey is filled with extremely hard work. Is it out of my comfort zone? .. you bet it is.  I need to stay focused and strong and not distracted. This means more organization, and scheduling videos, blogs, all my social media time on a schedule so that I am using my time wisely. I am also looking to have my own podcast show too in 2016!

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What has helped?  YOU!!! Everyone one of you!  I've seen and been the recipient of countless reviews, people sharing my music with their friends.

Did you know that every time someone buy my albums, its goes into making more music! 

album cover

The last month or so, I've been receiving incredibly inspiring encouragement from you all. I am SO grateful. I know I am not alone on my path.  I know you are there as my cheering section.  For that I am SO incredibly thankful for you. 


May you ALL have a wonderful New Year! May you also have peace, love and a successful 2016!!!