My Fitness Journey...

You know my journey to keeping myself fit has been a challenge!

Because my body has decided that I must eat clean. While I am ok with this, I do miss the occasional treat.

I could see this as bad news and yes I do get frustrated…

BUT there is GOOD NEWS!

There are people on the internet that can help with this. Zuzka Light is an online fitness coach, that I have been working out with since 2012. 2014 I joined her online fitness workouts, and she has them scheduled weekly - with daily workouts. She changes them up.

Click here: ZuzkaLight

I also am eating clean. I subscribe to Paleo Magazine, and bought a book on Keto. While I do not use these individually, I combine this way of eating into my life and it is a lifestyle change. I also subscribed to this awesome Instagram “Channel”? lol.


She has a fantastic E Book called 101+ Healthy Snacks.

You can get it here:


I don’t see it as a diet, I see it as a lifestyle change. Of course I struggle because hey, I am human you know! haha..

BUT for the most part THIS is my life now, and I am really happy about it!

Peace in Fitness!!


Oh Hello January 2019 and accomplishments in 2018


I just noticed that I have not written since October 2018. I think the end of the year was the busiest for me, and so I forgot to write!


I love writing it keeps me balanced and I wondered why I was so out of focus! Now I know why!

I am taking several classes to help me grow as a musician and business woman. I’ve been pretty good at organization, but as I move forward on my musical journey, I noticed that my organization skills are ok, but can be better!

I have subscribed to MasterClasses online. Check it out here:


I am taking a class from Hans Zimmer, then I will take a class on electronic music from DeadMau5. I am also taking The Online Musician, and Elite SFS classes from Leah McHenry.

You can visit the site here:

Savvy Musician Academy

With the help from Leah’s courses, I planned out 2018, and was able to implement all of the things I learned from her.

I have not stopped learning, I plan on continuing to learn and grow in 2019.

Accomplishments from 2018:

  • I started learning Christmas music, and have arranged 5 songs ready - 7 more songs to go.

  • Weekly LIVE video

  • Weekly Newsletters

  • Updated my Website and Store

  • Received licensing permission to have Joseph Kind Joseph on the Christmas album

  • Surveys to ask what kind of merch you would like

  • Peace in Music created and for sale

  • Taking classes to improve work productivity and learning from current composers

Now that I have planned out a year under my belt, I know what I can plan out for 2019 and it will be improved upon. Next week I will unveil 2019 goals.

I want to thank you for joining me on this journey. I know with you by my side, 2019 will be an incredible year!


Peace in Music,