Will it Christmas?

Hello!  How are you?  I am doing pretty well considering how crazy the last two weeks have been.  The teens have finally settled into a good school routine, I rarely have to ask them to do their chores!  Shocking I know. 

The last few days I've been rehearsing. Yesterday I had a HUGE idea pop into my head, while re-learning how to play Nantucket from my album "Trillium".  YES for REALS!  (I have not played it in a while.)  While playing I got thinking Ohhhh HEYYYY!  - Nantucket would be really COOL to be on the Christmas album!! Why? Check it out... 

In December 1987, I flew to Rhode Island to spend Christmas on Cape Cod.  According to my best friend Catherine, Providence was closer to the Cape than Boston was. 🤔 

My friend's family took me all OVER New England. I was really amazed at how pretty it was and COLD. I LOVED it so much that the seeds were planted to write the song "Nantucket".  You can listen to the Nantucket here, and get your own copy of it too!  Just click on the button below! 

When you do, let me know what you think?! Will it Christmas? Thank you, and have a GREAT weekend! 


Click on this link to purchase/listen: Nantucket

I Don't Teach Piano but..

I do not teach piano, I used to. I have a very tight schedule right now, and so I do not teach. I do have a really awesome resource for you though! Naomi Wilson has a really cool informative post about learning the piano, and you never know if it might help with you learning how to play the piano!

Check it out!

Naomi Wilson’s Piano Guide

Happy Playing!