Ever Have One of THOSE Moments?

Happy September! 

Ever have one of those days where you are comparing yourself to everyone else?

It is VERY RARE that I do this, but today for some reason, I was comparing my abilities as a pianist/composer to people that I admire. Truth be told, today I was feeling very inadequate when I was doing my LIVE show. I NEVER do this in public. But I did!🤔👀

I love how everyone else composes, and then I look at myself and say - I am not as technical, I can't write out scores, I don't know how to transcribe my music! 🎶

FACTS: I am a classically trained musician. I was a music major, but I was horrible at music theory. I would question why music theory had to be a certain way, why couldn't I write my music the way I wanted to write it?! I know I drove my music theory professor crazy where I went to college is BYU Idaho ( back in the day it was called Ricks College).

So here I am working on my Christmas album, and I am actually arranging Christmas music in the way I would play it. It kinda freaks me out because I do not transcribe music and I have never done anything like this! I am also working to strengthen my left hand. AND learning the music by actually reading it, It's very overwhelming to me, but I will tell you one thing - this experience is going to strengthen me as a musician. In fact, the negative turned to a positive for me today.

While I felt very vulnerable today, I stuck with it and played on. Thank you for those of you that joined me and my friends and for the encouragement.

Hey... I'm human and next Thursday will be better... I promise!


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Goodbye Summer



Kids are back in school. I have had a great summer with them.  It has been quiet for me because I'm working on restructuring how I do my music business.  It is taking a lot of work , time and sacrifice.  Now we are busy with the first week of school! I have a Senior in High School, and a Sophomore.  These years are going to go by so fast, because we are at a crossroads with our son who is a Senior.  

I don't know how I feel about that.  Ty is going to be 18 in December.  He will graduate in June of 2019.  Then if he chooses, he will go on a mission for our church for 2 years.  If you don't know already I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I've been a member all my life.  

Now school is back in session, and I am back working on my music full time!  I hope you had a beautiful Summer!  I am looking forward to Fall!