Oh Hello January 2019 and accomplishments in 2018


I just noticed that I have not written since October 2018. I think the end of the year was the busiest for me, and so I forgot to write!


I love writing it keeps me balanced and I wondered why I was so out of focus! Now I know why!

I am taking several classes to help me grow as a musician and business woman. I’ve been pretty good at organization, but as I move forward on my musical journey, I noticed that my organization skills are ok, but can be better!

I have subscribed to MasterClasses online. Check it out here:


I am taking a class from Hans Zimmer, then I will take a class on electronic music from DeadMau5. I am also taking The Online Musician, and Elite SFS classes from Leah McHenry.

You can visit the site here:

Savvy Musician Academy

With the help from Leah’s courses, I planned out 2018, and was able to implement all of the things I learned from her.

I have not stopped learning, I plan on continuing to learn and grow in 2019.

Accomplishments from 2018:

  • I started learning Christmas music, and have arranged 5 songs ready - 7 more songs to go.

  • Weekly LIVE video

  • Weekly Newsletters

  • Updated my Website and Store

  • Received licensing permission to have Joseph Kind Joseph on the Christmas album

  • Surveys to ask what kind of merch you would like

  • Peace in Music created and for sale

  • Taking classes to improve work productivity and learning from current composers

Now that I have planned out a year under my belt, I know what I can plan out for 2019 and it will be improved upon. Next week I will unveil 2019 goals.

I want to thank you for joining me on this journey. I know with you by my side, 2019 will be an incredible year!


Peace in Music,


I Don't Teach Piano but..

I do not teach piano, I used to. I have a very tight schedule right now, and so I do not teach. I do have a really awesome resource for you though! Naomi Wilson has a really cool informative post about learning the piano, and you never know if it might help with you learning how to play the piano!

Check it out!

Naomi Wilson’s Piano Guide

Happy Playing!