I love September -

Hi everyone... Kori here. 

Normally I post in the beginning of the month, however my life has been a whirlwind of crazy.  What else is new right?  I am sure it is safe to say, we all are busy in various ways.  

In my home office/Studio

In my home office/Studio


So what has got me so busy? The last 7 months or so, I've been planning out the next few years of music, also taking marketing classes, slowly getting new singles and sheet music up on my website - plus school started at the end of August, and just getting used to the new schedules. We now have 2 teens in high school, and a sophomore in college. I often wonder how this happened?! Time just flies by when having fun!! I am so grateful I can work at home and support our kids when they get home from school.  Such an important thing. 

I have not to touched my piano all Summer and so I am getting back to my rehearsal schedule. I am working on three albums, I won't jinx the release dates.  Just know I am writing a Christmas Album, an Electronic Album and an album similar to Trillium. Scheduling process for me has changed.  Not only am I writing, but planning out a full album from start to recording - hiring guest musicians, producer, studio takes a lot of work and finese.  I have to make sure that marketing and promotion is a part of that. Lots of growing pains with this because I am on the edge of taking the next steps in my music career.  Which will involve you all!  I can't do this alone. Many of you already have given me such wonderful suggestions and encouragement, I love it! 

My husband Don and I celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary on September 21st. We went to San Francisco to visit friends, and our daughter in Sacramento over the weekend of the 23rd of September.   It was the first time I've ever experienced San Francisco without the fog. haha!  

While you are here, please do check out the store!  We keep adding music and sheet music! Every purchase goes to recording new music!  See you online!! 


Kori Carothers

A musician's path to her/his muse is sometimes an easy one. Other times, it is filled with potential pitfalls or unexpected obstacles. Kori Linae Carothers faced just that when, during a kindergarten health screening at the age of 5, it was discovered she was deaf in her left ear. Her young peers found out and the teasing began. In addition, throughout elementary and high school, Kori was constantly told she would never become a musician. Undeterred, she kept learning and practicing, never surrendering her dream. Despite these discouragements, Carothers was passionate about her calling and now, years later, she is an acclaimed pianist and keyboard player with four albums to her credit. Clearly, she is an example of a person following her muse with courage, humor, and determination. - Bill Binkelman