If by chance you are reading this entry today, and you are a record label A&R rep. I have a distribution label. They are not what you would consider a typical record label that we are often familiar with. I am always interested in talking about signing onto a record label that helps me with the financials of recording, manufacturing, releasing and distributing my music. I want a music label that I can trust, and my music would be a great fit. I know my music would add to the other artists that you have signed. Choose me.. I'm hungry to share my music with the world. Why would I want to sign on a record label? Well... consider this:

I have lots of music that I have written. I want/need to record all of it. I have several types of way of writing. I write solo piano, I write electronic, I write epic film scores... I am very diversified. I can play Native American Flute. I'm a classically trained pianist. I began lessons at 8 years old. I taught myself how to play Native Hopi Drum. I am computer literate. I KNOW I can make a difference with my music. I am hard working. I can improvise. I love to learn about new technology. I get along with lots of different people. I have integrity. I have an album ready to produce, record and release with the the help of Will Ackerman at the helm. My music is considered as Adult Contemporary Instrumental or Solo Piano. Its great music! I have my music on Spa Channel, Music Choice, XM. Broadcasters know who I am. ( I know who I am) I have contacts for venues you don't have. You want me.

I have everything ready to go except for one small green problem. That is where you come in. We are a team.. we work together for the listener, the music lover, the broadcaster.

I would love to have a label that can support me in this endeavor. I am still writing music. I have loads of it in my head. There is a reason why I have not released a new album since 2009.

You pick me to be on your label.. and this is what my intentions are... to continue to write, record and release music as long as I have breath in my body. I love what I do. I love to perform. I've performed with Will Ackerman, Diane Arkenstone, Jeff Oster, Dov, Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan's violinist),David Cullen, Jill Haley, Derrik Jordan. I performed live on the Echoes Show with host John Diliberto. On April 9th, 2010 I was interviewed on the Television show "Showcase Minnesota"and performed on live TV in Minneapolis! In April of 2013, I will be performing with Liz Story and Lisa Downing. Phil Aaberg is my mentor/teacher. I also want to influence the community around me and educate them about music. Music is the soundtrack to life. Already, my city is supporting me. Its the City of Mission Viejo, CA. They have a great Arts Committee. I support them they support me.

I have a brand, I use the ohm symbol with this quote "Peace in Music". Sunsets are my signature. You go look at my website, and all the social media online and you will see a current theme. The below link will take you to my social media hub. You can go to all of where I am online there. I have an electronic press kit with SonicBids and Reverbnation. My online presence is continuing to grow and expand.

Some people have asked me why don't I just record at home? I would love that.. however I can't mix it, master it etc.. because of my hearing. I am deaf in my left ear. Why can't I produce my own music? I don't push myself like Will does. He knows what I am capable of, and he certainly has some ideas I would not think about. I love what my work sounds like with him as producer!

I am healthy, I surround myself with healthy, happy people. I love my family and my husband Don is my driving support.

Give me a chance... risk it, believe in me.. like I believe in myself. I know I would be an asset to you.

Peace in Music,

Kori Linae Carothers

Kori Carothers

A musician's path to her/his muse is sometimes an easy one. Other times, it is filled with potential pitfalls or unexpected obstacles. Kori Linae Carothers faced just that when, during a kindergarten health screening at the age of 5, it was discovered she was deaf in her left ear. Her young peers found out and the teasing began. In addition, throughout elementary and high school, Kori was constantly told she would never become a musician. Undeterred, she kept learning and practicing, never surrendering her dream. Despite these discouragements, Carothers was passionate about her calling and now, years later, she is an acclaimed pianist and keyboard player with four albums to her credit. Clearly, she is an example of a person following her muse with courage, humor, and determination. - Bill Binkelman