💥 When Your Son Asks a Loaded Question...

A few days ago, my oldest son Ty asked me a question -

Mom - What is the difference between you now and your younger self, say around 25 ?

I thought about it for a minute and here is my answer:

When I was younger, I was really selfish - and in the latter half of my 25th year, I was recovering from being an alcoholic and getting sober. My parents never knew, and I also was VERY lucky to have not become addicted to drugs. I tried them, but decided they were not for me. I also returned to the roots of my religion.

After your Dad and I got married, we started having children and if you remember, I was not the most patient woman in the world. As the years went by, I learned that being fear driven was not the way for me either, and I decided to be faith driven.

For the longest time I didn’t love myself, and the last 10 years or so, I have come to know who I am and love myself. I wish I could have told my younger self what I know now.

As I look back to that time, I am VERY grateful to have changed for the better. I want to treat people better - there is too much hate, anger and fear right now - and I do not want to contribute to that environment in my home or wherever I go.

My music is a part of that view - I want transport you to a peaceful place, a place where you remember who you are, where you have been with good memories and imagine the stories in the music in your own way!

 Peace in Music…

Peace in Music…

🍂 October Ramblings and LIVE with Kori Highlights

It is Monday October 22. I marvel at how quickly time keeps moving forward. I remember the days when I was younger, used to go slowly by.

Is it because I am an adult and I am happy and am enjoying living, that time moves quickly?

I went on vacation to Vermont earlier this month to visit close friends.

I helped with harvesting, canning, and visited more friends. I pride myself in being in very great physical condition, my friend had me working out in their garden and we had a day of crazy humid hot day.

I was sweating!

I have more respect for the workers in the California fields or any fields around the world. Working in a garden or field on a HOT HUMID day is exhausting sweaty work!

I experienced a cold slice of watermelon from her garden. Which was so refreshing.

We went for a walk in the woods, that would challenge my ability to climb and my fitness level.

I loved it and I cannot lie though, there was a moment I felt like I was not going to make it out alive! hahah! My dramatic self there.

I even ate a monkfish - and I was not sure if I really liked the taste. After seeing a picture of what that fish looked like

- I was like ehhh.. NOT EVER eating a monkfish again! haha!

Enjoy the few photos I took! You can see more on my Instagram feed in my media section!

My Instagram

Also I am excited to let you know that this month LIVE with KORI has two guests, Heidi Breyer on the 18th ( uploading to YouTube ) and on Thursday October 25th, Elise Lebec will be joining me! Make sure you don’t miss these two!

You can watch LIVE on my Facebook page here: LIVE with KORI or the Replays here: My YouTube Channel

Thank you for being a part of this awesome musical journey!

 The Monkfish! EW!!

The Monkfish! EW!!

 My Goal one day is to earn a Grammy!

My Goal one day is to earn a Grammy!

 The garden, and meadow!

The garden, and meadow!