Working on a Video

The most wonderful part of being a Mom is watching all of our kids grow up.  Don and I have shared so much over the 25 years we've been married and we just love how each one of our children are turning into productive, funny, smart, hard working individuals.  

Sometimes their journey in life and their choices are not what we'd choose for them.  However, being where I am at in my life tells me that everything will work out for them. So now, Jane and I are working together on a video for one of my Imaginary Road Studios instrumented singles from FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM.  

I am feeling VERY grateful!  More to come...


Story Boarding with Jane

New Singles

Artwork for NuNu's Sunrise

Artwork for NuNu's Sunrise

Exciting news!  I will be releasing several Instrumented tracks from Fire in the Rainstorm!  Right now you can download NuNu's Sunrise.  I know NuNu is an interesting name, right?  I used to stream music concerts via Second Life and I met some amazing people online.  One of them was named Nubian Bliss.  She LOVED and supported my music and I met her when I went back to New England to work.  Her nickname in Second Life was NuNu.  I wrote this song for her, and then she passed on May 2014.  I miss her, she was like a sister to me, and I know she left all the pain from having Lupus.  Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you download yours in my store today! 

NuNu's Sunrise