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April 13, 2017 - UPDATE April 19th, 2017


Hey there, Kori here!  So excited to tell you that my track "Meadow" is on a new Gathering album, soon to be released!  These compilation albums are comparable to the Windham Hill Samplers released by Windham Hill Records.  Of course Will Ackerman is still producing! I am proud to be listed along with 18 outstanding artists on this amazing album. Links to purchase the album will be live soon!  Yay!  

Click on this link to listen to the music and purchase yours today! THE GATHERING III

The Gathering III


February 13, 2017 - 

I will be in Salt Lake City Utah - Saturday March 18th as a featured guest artist with Michele McLaughlin at her Valley View Concert Series!! To buy tix and information click here:

Valley View Concert Featuring Kori Linae Carothers and Michele McLaughlin


February 2017 -  

I am working on new music.  At my concert in January I unveiled a song that I wrote for my daughter Jane.  Fortunately for us, SOKA University took video of the performances, so as soon as I get that video you KNOW its going here!  Also, I went to NYC to participate in a research program for Spasmodic Dysphonia.  I was their "guinea pig"!  I did have a GREAT time in spite of the scary MRI.  VERY noisy!  

Here is a photo from my home studio!  Getting ready to shoot a session!  

November 2016 - 

What does it take to get myself performance ready - a tiny peek of what it takes! 



October 2016 - 

I went to Vermont for vacation on my own.  Why? Answers my friends.. answers...


September 12, 2016 - 

I was asked to contribute my piano talents on my close friend Lawrence Blatt's latest album:  "Longitudes and Latitudes".  It is a gorgeous guitar driven album.  He has many guest artists appearing. You can listen here: 

Kuutana and I also have been working on a new track entitled "RED".  Its VERY different from what I normally write and I absolutely enjoyed working with him.  To purchase and listen click: RED

I am working with acclaimed electronic musician Kuutana.  He releases excellent music collaborations with many other artists.  Summer of 2016 my music will be featured on the lastest Sequential Dreams album: Legends.  

Releasing mid-2016,, Sequential Dreams' seventh album features guitarist Bernhard Beibl, pianist Kori L. Carothers, Movie soundtrack and performing musician Ryo Utasato, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Kuutana. Visit for upcoming news. (c) 2016 Sequential Dreams Video segments include Space Videos - ESA/NASA (CC BY 3.0 US) Don Whitaker Color Shifting Sunset Photos of Japan (c) Ryo Utasato.